Forgotten Realms: The Sacred Tools

Of Weddings and Wills

It all begins in the City of Splendors

The Hasseth family. Famous, adventurous, wealthy. Lord Randal Hasseth found his wealth in advenuring throughout the Realms. His home, itself filled with wonders from every corner of Faerun and even beyond, is grand. He would die happy and of old age within a tenday of his wife. They are survived by four children; the eldest brother Yarek, the twins Byron and Erronal and the young sister Liera. They have all taken on their own vocations in life. Yarek is an adventuring bard, who finds it hard to stay in one place too long. Byron, gifted with the abilities of a sorcerer and with skill with a blade is hot headed but big hearted. Erronal is the most pragmatic, having taken over the running of the businesses his father owned. Liera, highly intelligent from a young age, is being taught the art of magic by none other than Khelben “Blackstaff” Arunsun.

It is the year 1372. Several events of high tension have put people on edge. But in Waterdeep a grand wedding is planned! The twins brothers Byron and Erronal Hasseth are both marrying their respective wifes. Erronal to the tall and seductive Tamari and Byron to his teenage sweetheart Karina. Invitations have been sent out. Anararion “Hawkeye” Elvarion, a friend to Erronal and Yarek, also brings with him a letter from Yarek, excusing his absence. Papa barbados, a Chultan druid, comes into the city atop his crocodile companion. When Adam arrives at the temple there is a moment of tension between him and Hawkeye. A Thayn wizard, with a deep hatred of the Red Wizards, also attends, greeting his friend Papa Barbados warmly, inviting him to stay at his home that night. The ceremony goes well with no interruptions and everyone moves to the party at the Hasseth home. However a fight between two guests alerts everyone. Their shouts at each other show them to be of The Zhentarim and Xanathar’s Guild, respectively. A fight broke out, with Zhentarim soldiers entering the room through window and doors. During the fight the Xanathar Guild agent kidnaps Karina with two accociates. Papa Barbados decimated several soldiers through his transformation into a Gorilla. Hawkeye took care of the Zhentarim leader with a few strokes of his greatsword. The PCs followed the kidnappers downstairs, taking care of soldiers trying to stop them from leaving before entering the street and finding an unconscious Byron by a sewer opening. Inside they find the kidnappers, the spy from the party, a halfling and a sorcerer. A fight ensues, with the PCs making fast work of them.

Later at the Hasseth home the brothers tell everyone that their fathers will, journals and other personal affects had been stolen. They are worried about the business they own and ask that the PCs remain behind and help protect the stores. They agree. The next day however Papa Barbados has to leave and Hawkeye brings in his feral ghostwise halfling friend Murgum to help. Adam’s lightfoot halfling friend Rosco, with his Van Dyke facial hair, arrives and decides to help out, for payment. As they protect the stores, Adam and Rosco start to investigate where the fathers will, journals and items could be and Hawkeye and Murgum look into the slew of kidnappings that have happened, finding that they could be connected. The wizard initially suspects the Red Wizards due to his own attitudes.

Each groups efforts bring them to the same place. Murgum and Hawkeye enter a slave shop through the sewers and the Wizard, with Rosco and Adam posing as his slaves, enters through the front door. Surprisingly, they see the sorcerer they had killed the other day, alive and well, leaving the room and blocking the way with a rock slide. The fights goes the PCs way and they rescue the slaves, retrieving Lord Hassth’s belongings. At the Hasseth home they go over the will, only to discover that they need Yarek, and the journals, only to discover that they are written in code. Hawkeye, laughing, leaves with Murgum and heads home to the Western Heartlands.

End of Chapter 1.



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