Forgotten Realms: The Sacred Tools


Almost did not matter

This was an short initial game that was almost not considered canon until two players requested that they use the same characters from this game in the campaign. As such it is considered a prologue of sorts.

In the Western Heartlands a small settlement had been set up with the aim to become a new trading post. People who want to avoid the hustle and bustle of Baldur’s Gate of Scornuble haveing been moving in for months and a small community has been set up. Others have seen its potential, with a Red Wizard enclave not an hours travel away. A market has been organised for this day and several incoming caravans and carts are being escorted by Hawkeye, a local ranger who has taken it upon himself to protect the poeple. In the same day people flood into the town for a variety of reasons. These include an extravegantly dressed man by the name of Adam, a feral and uncouth ghostwise halfling by the name of Murgum, a young, nervous aasimar sorcerer named Arcamedes out of Silveryoon and a tiefling who seems unconcerned by the looks people give the signs of her infernal heritage.

Over the next evening it transpired that a horde of goblinoids and orcs were coming to raid the town. Hawkeye took it upon himself to scout ahead and see the horde. Meanwhile the rest of the party and several guards who were employed at the settlement set up at the edge of town, with Arcamedes decideding to fight from inside the inn where most people were holed up. Druing the fight several events which showed the charaters attitudes shone through. Hawkeye, after picking out goblins with his bow, leaped on one with his greatsword from a rooftop. He would later leap through a window to surprise two orcs and finally kill the hobgoblin leader in the centre of the market. Murgum would savage and rend several goblins, striking fear into even some of the people of the town. Adam tried to take advantage of the situation by robbing a house which he entered mid-fight. With the death of the leader the monsters fled. The insignia of the Zhentarim were discovered among the dead creatures and damaged stalls were replaced by new arrivals suspiciously fast Hawkeye noticed.

The following day a force of guards and hired adventurers set out of the settlement to hunt down the remaining goblins. On the journey they fought straggler groups and it seemed that the goblins were splitting up, perhaps breaking ranks. After several days travel which included a run in with a gnoll gang and and pack of wolves (from which Hawkeye gained a pet in the Alpha male) they reached the Forest of Wyrms. At this point they decided to turn back. The party soon went their separate ways.



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