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Forgotten Realms: The Sacred Tools

A wedding can be the beginning of many things, but when several adventurers from across Faerun arrived in Waterdeep, the City of Splendors, to attend the wedding of Byron and Erronal Hasseth, twin sons of the great adventurer Lord Randal Hasseth, few could have predicted it’s outcome; a adventure to retrieve The Sacred Tools.
The Sacred Tools are several pieces of adventuring equipment that grant wondrous gifts and amazing powers to the user. They were thought by most to be lost to the world… or to never have existed at all. But it seems that Lord Randal Hasseth, who saw every corner of Faerun and beyond, may have the answer hidden within his magically encrypted journals. The brothers and their young sister Eira, all eager to find the items, recruit their friends to help locate the artifacts. However they are not the only interested party. Both the Zhentarim and the Red Wizards of Thay are mobilizing to find the items, as are several agents of unknown allegiance.
With enemies, danger and mysteries around every corner our heroes have to be wary who they trust and who they talk to. No one ever really knew what the Sacred Tools could do, but that mystery may soon be solved… for better or worse.


With a quest that sends them far across Faerun, our heroes will visit many lands.


Hired by the Hasseth family to retrieve The Sacred Tools.

Tales of Importance

Faerun has many legends, some of which seem linked to the The Sacred Tools.

Main Page

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